4K【伊香保宿泊】如心の里 ひびき野 #onsen #hotspring #travel @妻のお散歩 japanese wife walk

4K【伊香保宿泊】如心の里 ひびき野 #onsen #hotspring #travel @妻のお散歩 japanese wife walk


Plan of 22,000 yen per night (dinner and breakfast included)
It’s not near the stone steps of Ikaho, but you can relax and rest quietly at the inn. There are many foreign staff, but they are good at Japanese, so there is no inconvenience.
He also thickened the highball for free (it was insanely thick.) I’m happy) It’s a good service inn. The ice is also free, I got a lot of it, and each customer is eye-catching. It’s an inn like that.
The hot spring was good and the food was delicious.
If there are pros and cons, is it the fact that the futon is laid out from the beginning and the amount of food? I think the amount of side dishes is small for young people, but my wife and I are full.
It seems that there are many people who don’t like laying futons in the room from the beginning, but my wife and I don’t care. Lol.

하룻밤 22000엔 플랜(석식 조식 포함)
“이카호의 이시단가 근처는 아니지만요 “외국인 스탭도 많지만
하이볼도 무료로 진하게 해줬어요 ( 엄청 진했어. 기쁘다) 서비스 좋은 여관이네요. 얼음도 무료로 산더미 정도 받았고 손님 한 분 한 분 한 분이 눈에 띈다. 그런 느낌의 숙소입니다.
“온천도 좋았고 요리도 맛있었습니다.
찬반 양론이 있다면 이불이 처음부터 깔려 있는 것과 식사량일까요. 반찬의 양이 젊은 사람에게는 적을 것 같은데 저희 부부는 배가 불러요.
“처음부터 방에 이불을 깔고 있는 것도 싫어하는 분들도 많은 것 같은데 웃음


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