$204 Japan’s Famous Hot Spring Town ♨️ Tattoo Friendly Kinosaki Onsen/ Autumn Leaves

$204 Japan’s Famous Hot Spring Town ♨️ Tattoo Friendly Kinosaki Onsen/ Autumn Leaves

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I stayed in a ryokan (Japanese traditional inn) in Kinosaki Onsen. Kinosaki onsen is a famous onsen town that is close to Kyoto and Osaka. You can wear yukata and geta for strolling in the onsen town.

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Ryokan: Tokiwa Bekkan
Location: Kinosaki, Hyogo, Japan
Room: Japanese room with a garden view
Price: 28,600 JPY (the price may vary)
2 meals included
Comfort: ★★★★★

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*Timeline*Kinosaki Onsen
00:00 Opening
00:27 Kyoto station
02:16 Heading to Kinosaki Onsen from Kyoto
05:42 Arriving at Kinosaki Onsen
07:05 Japanese Ryokan
07:41 Room tour
12:36 Having tea
13:19 Changing clothes to Yukata
15:36 Going out to Kinosaki Hot Spring town / Kounoyu
17:41 Goshonoyu
19:18 Walking around Kinosaki Hot Spring town
22:45 Dinner
25:44 Preparing futon bed
26:25 Going out for fireworks
28:09 Shop
29:19 Good night
29:45 It’s a new day
31:40 Garden

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