$34!! Japan’s Luxury fully Private Room Bus 🚌3.5 hours from Kinosaki to Osaka|LuxRea

$34!! Japan’s Luxury fully Private Room Bus 🚌3.5 hours from Kinosaki to Osaka|LuxRea

It was the first time for me to take a fully private room. After enjoying Kinosaki onsen, you can take this luxury bus from there to Osaka. Only 2 private rooms are available on this bus. So, it’s better to book it 1 month before your trip. (before that, you can’t make a reservation)

It takes about 3.5 hours from Kinosaki onsen to Osaka, but you will enjoy the view with/without a monitor. You can book this room for 3,800JPY plus 1,000 JPY extra charge on the regular seat.
So, why don’t you get it? 🙂

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Zentan Bus Kinosaki Onsen – Osaka Line Japanese

Zentan Bus Website

Bus: LuxRea/Zentan bus
Route: Kinosaki onsen – Osaka
Room: Green room
Price: 4,800 JPY (the price may vary)
Comfort: ★★★★★

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*Timeline*A Private Room Bus from Kinosaki to Osaka
00:00 Opening
00:26 Kinosaki onsen station
01:38 Kinosaki Ashiyu Café (hot spring for foot)
03:26 Boarding
04:12 My private room tour
06:11 Leaving Kinosaki Onsen for Osaka
07:02 What’s in the bag?
08:40 Scenery
09:15 Wi-Fi
09:32 Sweet potato chips
10:14 Arriving at Tamba
12:02 Leaving for Osaka
13:20 Arriving in Osaka

Ashiyu Cafe

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