Hot Spring Trip with my Japanese Husband’s Family #onsen #hotspring #japan

Hot Spring Trip with my Japanese Husband’s Family #onsen  #hotspring #japan

Hot Springs (Onsen) is one of the best-known Japanese cultural experiences to have during the winter season.
We stay at the Ryokan (Japanese style inn) to take a bath, enjoy a fancy meal and relax.
It’s our tradition to go a hot spring every year, and this year we chose a Ryokan close to us with a huge room!
It’s on Mt. Wakakusa, which is Nara’s best-known famous and sacred mountain.
Enjoy a little slice of Japanese culture with our international family in this video!

【Time Stamp】
0:00 Opening
0:40 My family’s tradition & what is Onsen
3:13 Introduce our huge room
6:54 Taking walk around the hotel
9:35 Back to the room and changing to Yukata
11:44 Enjoy fantastic dinner
17:35 Bed time
18:00 Morning meal
19:40 A deer came to see off us!
20:18 Climb Mt. Wakakusa and enjoy a wonderful view
23:39 A kofun in on Mt. Wakakusa
27:40 Ending

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