Bliss in Baths of Nagayu Onsen renowned for Japan’s Best Carbonated Hot Springs【Explore Oita Japan】

Bliss in Baths of Nagayu Onsen renowned for Japan’s Best Carbonated Hot Springs【Explore Oita Japan】

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In this video, we’ll introduce Nagayu Onsen, located in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture, which boasts rare “bicarbonate hot springs” accounting for less than 1% of hot springs in Japan!

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Our host visited Nagayu Onsen in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture.

Nagayu Onsen, whose hot springs well from the foot of Mt. Kuju, is famous for being one of the world’s few sources, and is nicknamed the “lamune onsen” due to the fine air bubbles that stick to the bathtub and body, reminiscent of the Japanese soft drink “lamune.”

Lamune Onsen Kan, the definitive hot spring of Nagayu Onsen, is famous for its water effective in promoting health through both drinking and long soaks.
Here you’ll be able to experience the benefits of fresh and highly-concentrated carbonation.

The 2nd floor waiting room art gallery exhibits works by painters and sculptors with close ties to Nagayu Onsen, along with displays of the calligraphy of literary master Yasunari Kawabata, making it a great place to dive into the world of art and literature.

Next, our host visited Kur Park Nagayu, a restaurant and hotel complex known for its rare natural carbonated hot spring baths.
The building was designed by world-famous architect Shigeru Ban, incorporating lots of wood to create a relaxing atmosphere overflowing with warmth.

The water type here is known as a “bicarbonate spring,” which is said to account for less than 1% of all springs in Japan.
Here you can enjoy a variety of baths, including a 54-yard-long walking bath, lie-down bath, jacuzzi, and even a sauna.

The adjacent restaurant serves meals boasting hefty helpings of selected vegetables directly sourced from local farmers.
Accommodation consists of cottage rooms, designed to utilize the grain of wood to form a space of relaxation.

Moreover, within the Nagayu Onsen township is the free open-air hot spring “Ganiyu,” named after an accompanying legend about a crab who fell in love with a girl.
Soaking under the boundless sky encompassed by nature is utter bliss!

We hope this video will inspire you to heal your body and soul through a long, thorough soak in the hot springs of Nagayu Onsen!

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