We Spent 3 Days on a Remote Japanese Island in the Middle of Winter 🏝️ (Amami Beach & Travel Vlog)

We Spent 3 Days on a Remote Japanese Island in the Middle of Winter 🏝️ (Amami Beach & Travel Vlog)

Surprise! Today we’re jumping on a plane for a spot of island hopping from Kyushu to Amami Oshima, a secret island in the south of Japan with blue sea and the country’s whitest beaches!

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Come with us on our beach date vacation as we get into our bikini and trunks to swim in the sea in the middle of winter in Japan, eat some local Japanese island cuisine, visit tropical mangroves and avoid habu (Japan’s most venomous snakes) in our beachside campsite! See the description below for more details on the locations shown in our trip vlog and our Japan travel tips with the best things to eat, see and do in Amami!

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📍Places we visited:
Sakibaru Beach (崎原ビーチ)

Yodorihama Beach Campsite (ヤドリ浜キャンプ場)

Mangrove Primeval Forest (黒潮の森マングローブパーク)

Shun (旬) Amami island cuisine izakaya pub

Tomori Beach (土盛海岸)

🎬 Vlog Chapters

0:00 Surprise! Welcome to Kagoshima Airport!
0:38 Taking a plane to Japan’s remote island, Amami-Oshima
2:10 Picking up our rental car
2:18 First time driving on the island
4:57 Getting ready to visit Japan’s best beaches
6:19 Couple beach date & swimming in the sea
9:05 Eating conbini dinner in a Japanese campsite
10:29 Drinking Amami’s famous brown sugar shochu (taste test)
19:03 Getting ready for bed / vanlife night routine
21:22 Day 2 / Pitching our tent
22:28 Campsite breakfast
26:52 Day 2 Swimming
28:23 Walking in a mangrove forest
30:50 Amami Island local food izakaya
31:15 Trying habu-shu (venemous snake liquor) for the first time
32:29 Eating local island cuisine (kame no te, keihan chicken rice, abura somen)
37:16 Day 3 / Last swimming date near Amami airport
40:56 Saying goodbye
42:15 Arriving at Kagoshima airport & what to expect next

🏝Things to do in Amami, Japan:

▶︎ Visit the best beaches in Japan!
Located between Kyushu and Okinawa, Amami is a small subtropical paradise island with mild temperatures all year round, its own unique ecosystem, and, due to it being a relatively unknown tourist destination in Japan, it is also home to some of the most quiet and beautiful beaches in Japan that give the more famous Okinawan islands a run for their money. Swim with turtles among the coral, surf, or sunbathe on the white sands all without leaving Japan! This secret Japanese island is the perfect getaway destination for a private romantic beach date all year round!

▶︎ Explore Japan’s second largest mangrove forest:
Join a tour of Amami’s mangroves and explore the mangroves by canoe or on foot, walk amongst the trees in the mangrove promenade next to the national park world heritage preservation center.

▶︎ Food & drink recommendations:
Looking for what to eat in Kagoshima? Why not try “keihan” (鶏飯(けいはん)), an Amami local speciality chicken rice dish or “kame no te” (亀の手), or “turtle hands”, a strange shellfish which shares a striking resemblance to turtle fins! These dishes are rare outside of Kagoshima and its islands Yakushima and Amami Oshima, so you shouldn’t miss a chance to try them for the first time! If you’re feeling brave, you can also wash them down with “habu-shu” (ハブ酒) made by marinating the highly venomous habu pit viper in strong aomori, which is famous in Okinawa too.

▶︎ How to get to Amami-Oshima:
The best way to travel to Amami is by plane. You can fly from Kagoshima over active volcanoes to Amami-Oshima in an hour! The airport also serves other domestic routes to major airports like Kansai Airport and Haneda and Narita in Tokyo.

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