Most people miss this chance in Japan | Rural area of Japan

Most people miss this chance in Japan | Rural area of Japan

I’m back on the road again today, this time in Japan! Today we are at Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture! The area of Kinosaki Onsen is very nice and the food and very tasty. Most surprising of all was this bus! It’s only 1,000 yen less than the regular fare, but so luxurious. No, you have to spend an extra 1000 yen to get on a bus with a luxurious private room! If you have a chance to go to Kinosaki Onsen, please take this private room bus.

I made it ASMR-like!

💰Price: 4800yen/40US$.
↔️Total distance: more than 160 km (more than 100 miles)
▶️Departure point Kinosaki Onsen
⛳️Destination Osaka station

✅Good points of the private bus
1️⃣The ride is really comfortable. I didn’t have any problem.
2️⃣The scenery is beautiful! Beautiful river and mountains.
3️⃣Can ride for not much more than the regular fare.
4️⃣The bus is amazing with a TV and you can see outside.

❌What I would like to see improved
1️⃣There is only one bus a day.
2️⃣I don’t like the idea of watching on camera without a private room.

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