[hot spring/mix spa]JAPANESE No. 1 Spacious Private Onsen Okuhida “Yarinosato”

[hot spring/mix spa]JAPANESE No. 1 Spacious Private Onsen Okuhida “Yarinosato”

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Speaking of Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Okuhida Onsen!
To realize the dream Yukimi sake
I went to Yari no Sato, the Miyamaso Annex in Okuhida ♪
There is the largest private bath in Japan here! !!

Its name is “Yamabushi no Yu”.
There is a swing hanging from the high ceiling, and it will tickle your child’s heart!

It is a colorless and transparent hot spring with a faint sulfur scent.
What’s great is that Yari no Sato (97 ℃) and the hot springs of Shinzanso Main Building (28 ℃) are blended, so there is no watering or heating!

Even though the main building is quite far away, it’s amazing. I feel Shinzanso’s passion for hot springs.

The temperature is just right at 42 ℃.
You can enter it all the time.
Be careful, you!
Since the outside temperature is over -5 ℃, the hair freezes quickly.
I wonder if my hair will not be damaged.

We hope you enjoy the video of enjoying the big bath, drinking your favorite sake and enjoying Yukimi ♪


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